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war-path he did it with a whimsical air of apology
which made it evident that It was distasteful to
him. In spite of his destructive record.. Chief
Carry-the-Kettle was one of those men in whose
fearless hands a person would gladly place his life,
if it depended on a matter of fair judgement and
the kindness of human nature.

This great chief of the Asslnibolnes was known
throughout the plains in the old days as a master
runner. We had many times heard of the time
when he had led the Blood band of Blackfeet into
the belief that they were surrounded by an over-
whelming number of Assiniboines by one of his
feats of speed. By running around a superior
number of Bloods under cover of the surrounding
hills and bobbing up at Intervals so that they could
see him, Chief Carry-the-Kettle made the Bloods
believe that they were completely surrounded by
the Assiniboines; and thereby he turned Into vic-
tory what otherwise would have been the com-
plete annihilation of himself and his handful of
Assiniboine warriors. We had often heard this
story related around our camp-fires—how the
Assiniboines once fooled our tribe Into defeat.
And now, as It happened, we had the great chief
himself here to tell us how he did it. But we shall
let the chief go on with the story.

As the war-drums boomed softly to the accom-
paniment of four tribal singers who were seated in